60 stakeholders at SVMI multiplier events in Stuttgart


Two SVMI multiplier events took place in Stuttgart, Germany.

The first event was held May 28th, 2019 at Stuttgart City Hall. 32 multipliers and stakeholder, 21 of them with a migrant’s background, received an introduction to the SVMI training materials and the SVMI app. Special interest was on the training materials for seniors who wish to serve as volunteers for migrant integration. Senior migrants themselves received printed copies of the materials for use in their own training provisions. A discussion with city and migrant representatives focused on the importance of volunteer services for migrant and refugee integration in European societies. The event at city hall was attended by Stuttgart’s open university, the city’s integrations commissioner, migrants’ organizations, the seniors’ council, state representatives and refugee groups.

The second with 28 participants took place June 12th, 2019 at the Europe Center Stuttgart. Here 16 representatives had migration background originating from countries such as Brazil, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Ghana. The second event had a strong focus on the European dimension of the SMVI project, the transferability of outcomes and the use of the app. This second multiplier event was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Justice and European Affairs, the city department for refugees and social service, Europe Direct, the German United Nations Association and members from the Stuttgart section of “Europa Union”.